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Top 25 A/B Tests with

Yes, Google’s said you can run A/B tests on your top SEO traffic pages.  In fact, they encourage it. Get inspired by 25 Case Studies of real-life tests — including creative samples and results data — that increased conversion optimization for sites like your own.  Includes award-winning tests such as:

  • Lead generation form tests that increased leads
  • Ecommerce site tests that grew revenue per visitor
  • Landing page, homepage and search results page tests

Plus, you’ll get an SEO-guidelines checklist so you know what to do – and what to avoid – when testing SEO pages.

Top 25 A/B Tests with
Wednesday, September 18, 2013
6:00 – Badge pickup
6:30 – 7:30 Reception
7:30 – 9:00 Presentation followed by Q&A
Boston Newton Marriot, Newton, MA

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About Justin Rondeau, Editor

Justin Rondeau, Chief Evangelist & Editor of WhichTestWon, leads the editorial and training workshops for WhichTestWon the top weekly publication in conversion optimization. More than 75,000 marketers each month visit WhichTestWon to research its extensive Case Study library featuring creative samples and results data for more than 200 A/B and multivariate tests. A trainer with hands-on testing and conversion optimization in both B2B and ecommerce, Rondeau’s goal is to inspire and educate more marketers to optimize their email campaigns and web sites via testing.

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This event is dedicated in memory of SEO consultant Michael Cottam’s parents, who were recently murdered.  SEMNE has joined with other search groups to help sponsor the Cottam Library Fund.  Individual donations are also welcomed.

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