SEMNE will be presenting a panel at SES New York in the expo hall theater on Tuesday, March 20 from 5:10pm – 7:00pm.  Expo Only Passes are  free of charge if you register in advance.  After the panel, we will be having dinner at a nearby restaurant.  We hope to see you at SES New York.

The panelists are:

Matt Van Wagner – PPC – The Top Ten Most Wanted New AdWords Features & Fixes

Even as Google continues to add new features at a breakneck pace, there are many other AdWords features that we use every day that seem, well, unfinished or clumsily implemented. In this session, we’ll highlight a few features in need of improvement, take suggestions from the audience, vote on the top 10 most wanted, and then tweet  out the list to the entire paid search community.  Who knows?  Maybe we can get them all into the  next release of AdWords!

Dan Shure – SEO – Are Your Titles Irresistibly Click Worthy?

Titles on the web these days like signs on a busy highway. They fly by us, just like in tweets, RSS feeds and they compete in the SERPs for attention. A title can literally make or break the success of your content. I’ll walk you through some EASY ways to optimize your titles and capture more clicks!

Derek Edmond – Landing Page Optimization

How to develop an organizational process for identifying collateral and actions to be tracked in lead generation initiatives. A couple examples of landing page successes and failures and what factors impacted the process.

Greg Jarboe – Social Media / Video Marketing

Social Video = Social Media + Online Video +/_ Marketing.  How does online video play a role in social media marketing?  This presentation is focused on social video, the interplay of social media and online video.  Learn how to leverage video sharing sites like YouTube across social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

The SEMNE Panel – Live Site Review

Join us after our 10 minute presentations and get a free, professional review of your site from the SEMNE panel!  We’ll analyze it for improvements to the structure, keywords, backlinks and more! Will take a live volunteer just before the session begins!