Define Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click is an advertising model that consists of advertisers placing ads on advertisement platforms. It is a model that is used to bring traffic to websites with goal of having visitors make a purchase.

What are the benefits of the pay per click advertising model? Some of the benefits of pay per click include, but are not limited to:

  • It’s an easy to use model that one can teach themselves using an online resource.
  • It is a budget-friendly way to advertise as you only pay for clicks and you determine how much you are willing to spend beforehand.
  • It is an easy to measure model. A website creator can calculate the number of users who click on an ad and end up making a purchase.
  • It will allow you to narrow in on who your target audience is. When you know who is visiting your website and making purchases, you can make adjustments necessary if you aren’t drawing in your target audience.

Are there disadvantages to the pay per click advertising model? Disadvantages of the pay per click model mainly revolve around the time investment. Here are some examples of the downsides of pay per click:

  • Improvements and optimizations are a regular part of the pay per click model. If you have a target audience, you want to make sure they are the ones clicking on the ads. If they aren’t, you have to make adjustments to the ad and the keywords you’re using to attract them.
  • It can be competitive. The pay per click model has become popular and sometimes companies get into a bidding war that drive bids up to more than you are willing to spend.
  • Return on investment can be low if you aren’t paying attention. PPC isn’t an advertising model you can sit back and wait on. Analyzing clicks and purchases is important because your end goal is to improve conversion rates on your website.

How can you ensure a pay per click ad that gives you a good return on investment? Here are a few ways:

  • Appeal to your target audience: don’t try to appeal to everyone. It would be nice if your service or product appealed to all ages and genders, but that’s not possible. Narrow down your target audience and aim your advertising to them.
  • Choose the right keywords: to rank higher in search engine results and have your link clicked on, you have to use the right keywords. Learn to think like your target audience and include keywords and phrases that they are going to be searching for.
  • Analyze your results: as mentioned previously, this is a crucial part of the pay per click advertising model. Monitor clicks as well as conversions and revenue on your website.
  • Make sure your landing page aligns with your ad: when a user clicks on your ad, you want them to be taken exactly where they think they are going. Don’t make visitors search for what you advertised.

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Define Pay Per Click Advertising

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