SEMNE | Member Benefits

Member Benefits

As part of the SEMNE mission, we are always on the lookout for special offers, discounts and savings on search marketing products, services and events that are valuable to our members.  Member benefits include:

  • Display a SEMNE Member Badge on your website to show that you are involved in the search marketing community.
  • Get listed in the SEMNE Member Directory.
  • Discounts and opportunities for free passes to conferences and training courses.
  • Opportunities to sponsor SEMNE events.

Check out the following special offer only available to SEMNE members:

SEMPO Institute Offers SEMNE Members a 17% Discount on All Courses

SEMPO Institute is the online training arm of SEMPO which offers in-depth search marketing classes such as “The Fundamentals of Search Marketing,” “Advanced Search Engine Optimization” and “Advanced Search Advertising.”

In an effort to provide SEMNE members with additional benefits, we’ve negotiated a deal with SEMPO to provide SEMNE members with a 17% discount on any of their training courses.

Please note that this special offer is only available to those who are full SEMNE members, not for those who have attended events as non-members. Yet another reason to become a SEMNE Member today!

Search Engine Strategies Conference and Expo Free Pass and 10% Discount!

Search Engine Strategies is offering a free pass the following Search Engine Strategies Conferences.  SEMNE members may apply for each event:

  • New York
  • Toronto
  • San Jose
  • Chicago

If you would like the opportunity to attend the next SES event for free, please let us know that you’re interested in receiving the free pass, plus the name your SEMNE membership is under. Again, this offer is only for SEMNE Members, so if you’re interested in attending this conference, and you’ve been thinking about becoming a SEMNE member, this might be a good time to sign up!

We have only one free pass to give away for each event, however, we also have a special 10% discount also for SEMNE members.