SEMNE Digital Marketing Association Membership

Reasons to Become a Member

Digital marketing is for everyone, for people from all walks of life with diverse backgrounds. These are the reasons to sign up to become an annual paid member and supporter of the SEMNE Digital Marketing Association:


Yes, there are many free blogs and resources about digital marketing that you can read online.  By becoming a member of this association for a small annual fee you can get all the trusted and useful information all in one place.


Our association was created in 2006 and is run by a team of experienced digital marketers with a diverse background.  You will learn from many different perspectives and approaches to digital marketing.

Lots of Info

From our weekly email newsletter, whitepapers, monthly webinars to networking events, SEMNE is a place to really give you the knowledge you seek without getting overloaded with too much information.

Membership Details:

Entrepreneurs, mid-level and advanced marketers, agencies, freelancers, in-house teams and EVERYONE else! Sharpen your digital marketing skills, advance your career and improve your digital marketing results.

Member Email Newsletter

Each month get the digital marketing member newsletter and learn about SEO, content marketing, social media, influencer marketing, email marketing, web design, digital marketing and digital advertising.

Live Webinars Events

Learn about different areas of digital marketing and attend webinars taught by our experts.

Write for Our Blog

If you enjoy writing and have an expertise in a certain area of digital marketing, you can guest write for our blog and share your knowledge with our community! Of course, you will get a link to your website and social accounts in your author bio. You can feel free to write as much as you would like!

Event Speaking Opportunities

Another great member benefit is for experts that want to display their expertise to our members by presenting on our live webinar events.

Job Postings in Newsletter

Simply email us and we will link to your existing job listing in our newsletter.

Discounts for Useful Products

Get notified a few times a year about discounts for useful digital marketing products, services and tools that can help you save time and develop better digital marketing results.

Member Badge

When you become an annual professional member, you will get a SEMNE Digital Marketing Association badge graphic to display anywhere you would like!

Sponsorship Discounts

If you are a professional member, you will receive a 25% sponsorship discount on all packages! If you wish to use this discount simply contact us and we will give you a coupon code to use when you sign up and purchase a sponsorship package.


/ per year, per person

*Professional Group Discounts start at teams of 5 or more and receive a discounted rate of $75 per year, per person.  You can sign up for volume discount pricing on the checkout page!

SEMNE Digital Marketing Association Payment Terms


Student and Professional Memberships are not transferable and can only be used for the person signing up.  Group membership purchases will be able to submit names of the members.

Payment Terms

Payment must be completed by major credit only, online on this website. We do not accept invoicing or check payment. All credit card payments are billed and will show up as being billed from our parent company, Brick Marketing, LLC. We do not accept check, money order, or any other form of payment. Membership payments are billed on an annual basis and are set to auto-renew the next year. You may choose to cancel the renewal by letting us know in writing to that you wish to cancel and you will not be billed again.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds at any time for any reason. Membership and Sponsorship of the SEMNE Digital Marketing Association does not guarantee any digital marketing results and all sales are final and there will be no refunds for any reason at any time.