Define a Keyword Phrase

A keyword phrase are words that users type into a search engine. It is a phrase of two or more words and is important in search engine optimization (SEO). Examples of keyword phrases include:

  • “blue handheld mixer”
  • “size 8 shoe”
  • “how to start running”

How do keyword phrases and a keyword search differ? A keyword search will be a search of just one word, compared to the two or more of a keyword phrase. A keyword phrase allows a user to search with more detail instead of searching for just “shoes” or “mixer.”

How do keyword phrases benefit advertisers? By using keyword phrases, an advertiser can reach greater audiences. Keyword phrases can be used in variations in order to attract many more visitors than a keyword or just one version of a keyword phrase will. For example, if a users are searching for a way to run faster, they may use a variety of phrases, such as:

  • “how to improve running pace”
  • “tips for running fast”
  • “run faster training plan”

They are all basically looking for the same imformation, but using different phrases. If you offer plans, ebooks, other training materials, and the like, you will want your website to rank toward to top of the list in search engine results. The keyword phrases that you choose can help you achieve this. How can you find out what keyword phrases are ranking? There are analyzers online that can help with that. Running each idea through the analyzer can help you narrow down your choices.

Now that you have compiled a list of keyword phrases you can begin working these phrases into the content of your website. Make sure they appear naturally and not too often, as keyword stuffing is frowned upon and in some cases may lead to penalization. Other things to think about when coming up with keyword phrases and implementing them into your website include:

  • Use everyday language: there is no need to be fancy with your keyword phrases. Use language that people are likely to type into a search engine and understand as they read your content.
  • Be specific: people usually know exactly what they are looking for and will search for the specifics. If you offer clothing in certain sizes, list them. If you offer certain colors of water bottles, include the colors. By adding descriptive words, you will target the searchers who are looking for exactly what you offer.
  • Include stop words: stop words are word such as “who,” and,” to,” “if,” and “the.” These words don’t necessarily add to the keyword phrase, but they are words people are likely to use in a search. It can help a search to be more precise, which a user may want. It’s another way to appeal to how real people do searches.

Keyword phrases are a wonderful SEO tool that can help you to rank higher in search engines and draw people into your website, which leads to conversions and increased revenue.

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Define a Keyword Phrase

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