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Inside the Black Box: How Search Engines Rank Web Pages

Join SEMNE on November 18, 2008 as we return to Providence, RI with SEOmoz search engineer Nick Gerner. Search engines carefully guard the details of their ranking algorithms, but search marketers want to know why their pages rank, and how to get them to rank better. Nick will share what he has learned.

Event details
Inside the Black Box: How Search Engines Rank Web Pages
When: November 18, 2008 from 6:30PM – 9:00PM
Where: Marriott Providence Downtown – Providence, RI
Speaker: Nick Gerner, Search Engineer at and developer of LinkScape
Cost: Free for SEMNE Members, $49 for non-members

Bar sponsor: George Aspland of eVision.

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About Nick Gerner

Nick is one of SEOmoz’s in-house software architects and search
engineers. He received his graduate degree from Cornell University in
Data Base Management Systems and Information Retrieval. He’s worked
on the joint Cornell University/Internet Archive venture, the Web Lab,
a database abstraction to the world wide web over time. Nick
currently works at SEOmoz researching and developing internet
marketing applications of page authority metrics such as PageRank and
StaticRank, spam and trust quantifcation systems such as TrustRank,
and large-scale web datasets.

One of the things Nick spends a lot of his time on is thinking about
the search engineer perspective on search engine ranking algorithms
and signals. The objective of his work is to help webmasters and
internet marketers understand how these things help searchers find
what they are looking for, and help content providers get their
products and services in front of potential customers.

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