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Getting Into Google

This event already happened. See how it all turned out!

When: July 10, 2007 from 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Where: Marriott Providence Downtown – Providence, RI
Presenter: Dan Crow, Product Manager for crawl systems, Google, Inc.

Cost to attend:
SEMNE Members: Free!
Non-members: Early price $35 until June 25th, after which it will be $45

The first step to ensuring your web sites appear in Google’s search result is making sure they can be crawled. Dan Crow, Google’s Product Manager for Crawl Systems will talk about what crawling really is, how it works and how it impacts you. He’ll cover topics like:

  • How does Google’s search pipeline work?
  • How to use robots.txt to manage your presence in search engine results
  • Sitemaps: including hidden content in Google search results
  • Google and rich content technologies like Flash and AJAX

There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions, so come along and find out how Google really works!
About Dan Crow, Product Manager for Crawl Systems, Google
Dan Crow, Product Manager for crawl systems, GoogleDan taught himself to program back in 1981, when 16K was a mind-bogglingly large amount of RAM and high capacity storage was a cassette player “borrowed” from his sister.Since then he’s acquired a degree in Computer Science and a PhD in Machine Learning from the University of Leeds in the UK and has spent the last 15 years building software systems. He was at Apple for four years working on QuickTime, HyperCard and the first Java virtual machine for Mac OS X. He later lead the engineering team at startup Verb which developed an intelligent search engine for B2B transactions – when “B2B” was a trendy buzzword. He then spent three years at – later acquired by Unicru – as Chief Scientist and Chief Architect, creating the award winning SmartMatch resume search engine.

Following Unicru, Dan co-founded, a Web 2.0 startup that allows anyone to publish their own bookstore quality books.

In 2006 Dan joined Google’s New York office where he is Product Manager for crawl systems. He spends his time figuring out how to extend the range and quality of the content Google crawls, as well as championing the use of robots.txt.

Dan holds five patents for his work in user interface and intelligent search engines.