Define Domain Authority

What is domain authority? Domain authority, or DA, is the measure of the power of a domain name. Domain authority is based on:

  • Size
  • Popularity
  • Age

What role does domain authority play and why is it important? Domain authority is a determining factor in building a strong search engine optimization strategy. This doesn’t in any way guarantee success, but it can help to figure out if things are going well or not.

Domain Authority is given a score from 1 – 100. The higher the number, the better the chance of a website ranking. Ranking higher means a website will be seen by more eyes and visited by more users. High-quality external links will helps a website to rank higher. A website with a lesser amount of inbound links will likely have a lower domain authority score. Domain authority scores come from machine learning calculations, which can fluctuate often. This fluctuation occurs due to changing data points.

Is it possible to change a domain authority score for the better? The good news is it is possible to improve a domain authority score. It is important to note that the higher the score a domain authority it, the harder it is to increase. For example, going from a score of 40 – 50 is going to be somewhat easier than going from 80 -90. That being said, there are things one can do to increase domain authority from any starting point. Here’s how:

  • Improve website’s search engine optimization: Optimizing a website and its content includes looking at titles and descriptions as well as the actual content. Within the content, heading can also be helpful in increasing search engine optimization results. Using relevant keywords throughout content is important, but avoid keyword stuff ing (overusing keywords) either.
  • Include internal links: Internal links are link that take a visitor from one part of content to another. For example, if a visitor is on a page to see a recipe, but there is a detailed section of content first, the website owner may create an interlink such as “jump to recipe.” This search engine optimization technique is very helpful.
  • Optimize any videos, images, and other media for search engine optimization.
  • Improve off-page search engine optimization: this can be done by creating natural link building. If one writes articles, guest blog posts, or comment on other blog posts, this is a good way to create links that lead to your website. If people share your articles or guest blogs, this will only help to increase your domain authority.
  • Make sure the website is mobile friendly. With so many people using mobile devices to search online, a website will only benefit from being mobile friendly. Users should be able to find what they are looking for whether on a desktop or mobile device.  
  • Improve the loading speed of web pages. Users do not wait very long for pages to load. If they have to wait, they typically leave.

Domain authority is an important way to determine whether a website is ranking at its best possible level or if there is room for improvement.  

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Define Domain Authority

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