Define Display URL

The website address that appears with an ad is known as a display URL. URL stands for uniform resource locator. A display URL us typically located at the end of an ad. Sometimes it will be simplified to make it shorter and easier to read. A display URL will allow people to get a glimpse of where they will be taken once they click on the ad. A display URL is 35 characters or less.

A display URL is also part of ad copy, which is an important fact to know. The display URL plays a role in the quality score factor. The display URL is also used to determine click-through rate, but this is done separately from the the rest of the ad copy. Click-through rate on a display URL can be improved by using an identifiable domain name. A domain name that is recognizable will be clicked on more often than one that is unknown.

A few other factors that can improve click-through rate on a display URL include:

  • Keeping keywords and desciptive words to a minimum: a cluttered ad is known to decrease click-through rates of ads with a display URL. Use the most relevant keywords only. Think short and sweet.
  • Re-position the display URL: a display URL that is on the bottom of the page is less likely to be clicked on because it may not be seen like one that is placed higher on a page. Visibility is important.
  • Avoid using numbers and symbols in display URL: instead of wasting good character space on symbols or numbers, use meaningful keywords.

Are there any downsides to a display URL? If a display URL is not set up in the most optimal way, there can definitely be downsides. For example, if the display URL doesn’t include the domain name or kaywords that make it identifiable, people won’t know what is being advertised and have no reason to click on the ad. A good display URL should include good branding and/or keywords. Using attention-getting phrases such as “click here” or “don’t miss this deal” won’t entice most people to click on the ad. If you want to attract attention, be specific. If you offering a deal on web design, say so and include the price. This is more likely to catch the eye of a person, especially if it’s what they are in the market for.

What is a destination URL and is it different than a display URL? A destination URL is the webpage that users are taken to once they click on the ad. What appears in the display URL is usually different as it can be formatted to be shorter and use whatever words are appropriate to the goal.

If a display URL is used with the best practices, such as ones mentioned above, it can be a great way to get visitors and customers to your website. Display URLs are a great marketing tool that can help users anticipate where they will end up once they click on the link.

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Define Display URL

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