Define a Description Tag

A description tag is a specific HTML tag that is used by web page creators. This HTML tag is used to provide a short summary that will appear in search engine listings. A description tag will most often appear under the headline of the webpage. A description tag is considered a piece of advertising copy that is used to appeal to users and invite them to visit the website.

The importance of a description tag should not be underestimated. As it is a piece of advertising copy that appears in search engine results, the words chosen can make a difference. Including relevant keywords in the description tag will give your listing more importance. If someone is doing a search, through Google for example, the words that they searched for will be highlighted as to draw their eye to them. When your description tag includes these words, they will see your ad and hopefully click on it.

In addition to using relevant keywords that will appeal to users, you want to keep the description tag short and sweet. Use words and expressions that everyone will understand. Using large, complex words may be confusing to some people. The first part of the description tag should be where the most important information is listed just in case the end portion is cut off by the search engine. You want users to be drawn in by your description tag by using keywords they searched and by letting them know what you have to offer. Try to do this in the first 50 characters of your description tag. You can check with the individual search engines to find out the standard length of their description tags.

A description tag is a chance to be creative while including appealing information. This can include your brand name and the advantage you have over the competition. Remember that searches will bring up your competitors results as well and it’s the user who will decide which result they will click on. Give them a good reason to click on yours. Whether you offer the best deal on your product or service, add value in some other way to the users life, or can appeal to some emotion, these are things that will increase chances of being clicked on.

To summarize, writing a better description tag should include:

  • well-researched kaywords that are aimed at the target audience
  • the brand name
  • the offer and/or advantage that you have over the competition
  • language that is understood by everyone

A description tag is the first chance that people doing a search will get to see of what your website, company, or brand have to offer them. It’s what you write in your description tag that will cause them to click, or not click, on the link. If you make the description tag appealing and are able to draw visitors in, you increase your chance of converting these visits into profits.

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Define a Description Tag

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