Define Deep Linking

What is deep linking? Deep linking is a tool that is used to help users get to another page within a website without having to return to the home page first. Deep linking takes the hassle out of searching for what they want and making it a more convenient process.

A website creator wants to make a user’s time on their page as time-efficient as possible. Deep linking can also help increase conversion rates on a website as visitors who can quickly find what they are looking for are more likely to make a purchase. These visitors are also more likely to make return visits and purchases when their visit is as smooth as possible.

How does deep linking work? Deep links are links that can be set up to send visitors to a specific page on a website. Deep links can also be used to send visitors to an app instead of a web page. These links take the user to exactly the in-app location they are wanting to go without any added steps for the user to follow. With deep linking, a custom URL scheme or intent URL opens the app assuming that it is already installed on the user’s device. Whether set up to send a visitor to a web page or an app, the intent is to make the user experience as seamless and quick as possible.

If a user does not have the needed app installed, deep linking may encourage them to do so as they will realize that having it will improve their user experience.

What are the other benefits of deep linking? Deep linking campaigns can be tracked. This allows website creators to see how well their campaigns are doing. In addition to seeing how well the campaign is doing, you will be able to see the source of the conversions. Conversion rates for deep links are known to be much greater than that of other types of links. Deep linkg can also be used to offer visitors incentives for clicking on the link and installing the app (if they haven’t already). An incentive might be by some kind of reward or inclusion in a customer loyalty program. This will encourage interested users to make a purchase as well as installing and using the app.

How can deep linking be improved? Use banners and links that will grab the users attention and drive them to click on the link which will send them to the mobile app. Always make sure that links go directly to the page or product in the app that people are expecting to be sent. Keeping links up-to-date should also be priority. If a link sends users to an incorrent page or the link is broken, this will hurt conversion rates.

Deep linking, whether through apps or on the web, is a beneficial tool that is useful for getting users where they want to go in the easiest and quickest way.

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Define Deep Linking

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