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Jill Whalen’s Responsible Search Marketing – Video
This is Jill Whalen’s presentation on Responsible Search Marketing from July 20, 2010. Video courtesy of SEO Video Corp.
Paid Search Videos and PowerPoints
Here’s video of Barb Young’s presentation (May 18, 2010 in Natick, MA) Here’s video of Matt Van Wagner’s talk (May 18, 2010 in Natick, MA): Here is Barb Young’s deck from our May 18, 2010 event: Important Developments In Paid Search View more presentations from Barbara...
Global Search Video
SEO Video Corp has graciously provided the following nine videos of Bill Hunt’s talk on Global Search. We’ve made the PowerPoint deck available here in case you’d like that too. Our next event is coming up in May with Matt VanWagner.  Information will be posted soon. Our...