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Catherine Weber Video 2010
Here’s video from Catherine’s November 2010 presentation at SEMNE.
Content Marketing for SEO Professionals
In one of his talks, Google’s Matt Cutts said that SEO professionals have to start thinking like marketers. That’s because the name of the game these days is content. Content that educates, content that entertains, content that drives purchasing decisions and sales. To add significant value to client...
Responsible Search Marketing
A Precarious Balancing Act As search marketers we have a great deal of influence on what people see when they’re looking for products, services and information as they go about their daily lives in the age of Google. We also have a duty to our clients and employers to increase their online exposure...
Global Search PowerPoint
Here’s Bill Hunt’s deck from last night. Bill Hunt – Global Search View more presentations from Jonathan Hochman. Our next event is coming up in May. Matt Van Wagner will be speaking about the latest PPC opportunities, updates, and strategies. More information will be posted soon.

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