Define Branded Keywords

When a user does a search online either through a search engine or social media, they may use what are known as branded keywords. Branded keywords are words that are associated with a product, brand, or service. When a user knows exactly what they are looking for, using branded keywords can make their search a quicker, more convenient experience.

A brand is a product that is manufactured by a company and is known by a specific name. Examples of brand names include: Adidas, Pixar, Kodak, and Xerox. If a user was looking for atheletic wear, they may type Adidas, or their favorite brand, into the search engine or social media to find what they are looking for.

A branded keyword can help the user narrow down their search. If someone was looking for athletic shoes made by a specific brand, they could type in “blue runners Nike.” This allows the user to narrow down their results and hit on exaclty what they want. If they only typed in “blue runner,” a user may eventually be lead to Nike items, but must shuffle through endless results to get there.

There are different types of branded keywords that can help website owners help users find them more easily. Brand names, as mentioned above, name the brand. Creating a brand that people know, recognize, and remember is a helpful first step. Making a brand name memorable can be done in a number of ways. Using an alternative spelling of words that catches people eye is one way. Alliteration can also help people to remember a brand name. It’s important to make sure the brand name sounds good to say and to hear. If it doesn’t, it won’t be memorable.

Another type of branded keyword is the brand long tail keyword. This is when the user does a specific search, like the one mentioned above that uses the brand name and details of the items they want to find. If someone is looking for an item and has a brand they are drawn to, finding a match will undoubtedly make them happy. People love the brands they love and will always search for what they want within that brand.

The final type of branded keyword is the product name keyword. A product is a specific item thar is manufactured by a company under the brand name. vitaminwater, for example, is the product name of the brand Energy Brands, who is owned by the parent company Coca-Cola. There are often many products under a brand and company. Product name keywords make it so that customers and potential customers can more easily find the items they are looking for. The exact name of the product might not be known by the user, but this search can still be completed by using phrases that directly reference it.

A good marketing plan should include branded keywords as they play a crutial role in search engine optimization. The better the keyword rankings, the better your product or brand will rank. It’s important to know what keywords users are typing in to help you improve your marketing plan.

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Define Branded Keywords

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