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A blog is written content that can be presented in journal form or used by businesses on their website to help promote their company and industry as a whole.

Blog comments are an important part of a blog. It is a space where readers can post comments, opinions, and even questions.

But first, let’s discuss the downside of blog comments. One of the main issues with enabling blog comments is that they open the space up for spam. While you can disable comments to avoid spamming, this will also mean that readers and customers won’t be able to comment either. The best option for a blog that is open to comments is to monitor comments and delete spam.

Now for the benefits of blog comments. Allowing blog comments will give you and your readers a chance to interact with each other. By responding to comments left by your readers, they will feel appreciated and more likely to not only read more of the blog content, but comments more as well. A reader taking the time to comment on blog posts should be valued and acknowledged whenever possible. If a reader has a question about a post or about the company or industry in general, they will appreciate the blogger taking the time to respond back.

There are many other benefits that come from blog comments, some of which include:

  • Creating backlinks: backlinks are links that are submitted with a comment and lead to a page on either the same website or another website. If a blog author comments on other blogs and has a relevant link (and comment) to share, this is a good way to create backlinks and lead more readers to their own blog. When using this approach to create baklinks and generate more views, it’s important to not spam other blogs with links. Make sure each comment and link is thoughtful.
  • Generate ideas for future blog posts: When readers comment with their opinions and questions, this is a wonderful way to create future blog posts because if one person is thinking or asking about something, chances are more are as well.
  • Shares expertise: Commenting on other blogs is a chance for a blog author or business owner to share their expertise in an area. A lot of informational gems can be shared with others through commenting on blogs and responding to comments on a blog.

How can a business benefit from blog comments?

In addition to the benefits listed above, enabling blog comments on a business blog or commenting on someone else’s blog can help to increase business to the company. They are of course sharing their expertise, but they are also showing that they are approachable and care about readers and customers and potential customers. Creating a two-way conversation, whether agreeing or disagreeing, is a great way to generate views to a blog and website.

The pros to having blog comments enabled far outweigh the cons.

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Define Blog Comments

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