Define Ad Quality Score

An ad quality score determines how relevant a keyword is. This is a tool used by Google that gives them insight into how well an ad’s quality is compared to that of other advertisers. Quality score numbers run from 1 – 10. An ad quality score with a higher number, the better. It takes time to build up a quality score, so for a while a “null” will typically appear in the ad quality score results.

What determines a good ad quality score? Choosing the best keywords is important, but there are other factors that play into an ad quality score. The writing of ads, for example, should be well-thought out. Ads that draw in the attention of visitors can help determine ad quality score. In addition, sending visitors to landing pages that are relevant and useful will also help improve an ad quality score. While you may choose to change and improve on keywords when and if necessary, it’s important to note that this will not make a great difference in ad quality score because it is based on historical impressions and won’t change overnight.

If your ad quality score isn’t ideal and you want to improve it. Consider these tips:

  • Use a tool that can help you generate the best keywords based on your product or website content.
  • Write content that is relevant. In addition to writing relevant content, you want to post content regularly. Include keywords that the tool helped you to generate within your new content.
  • Create a landing page that is appealing to the user both visually and navigation wise.

Why does ad quality score really matter? There are a few important reasons to take ad quality score seriously. Ad quality score can determine where in Google search results your ad will appear. High quality ads will appear higher as Google wants people to see them first. High-quality ads actually cost less per click than ads that detemined to be lower quality. Ads that are high-quality also tend to lead to more successful clicks and conversions than those of lower quality. As mentioned, Google earns month when ads are clicked on, so putting high-quality ads in front of users eyes is top priority.

An ad quality score is made up of different parts, each of which is developed in a different way. These four parts include: ad appearance determination, ad position, minimum bid, and keyword-targeted ad’s eligibility formulas.

Ad appearance determination formula rates the quality of the advertisment landing page.

Ad position formula is the historical documentation of an ad’s click-through rate, relevance of keywords, and matched words on Google.

Minimum bid formula is the historical record of the click-through rate of ads, the relevancy of keywords, the account history as a whole, and the quality of the ad’s landing page.

Ad quality scores are important because Google depends on revenue that comes from advertising. Google earns money when ads are clicked on, so understandably they want ads that are going to draw in the attention and clicks of users who see them.

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Define Ad Quality Score

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